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• 2010: Camp at Baba Braham Dass High School

March 20, 21 and 22nd 2010 

This was the largest camp that we had done to then.

Patients were seen for 3 days on the dates above. Those who had problems that coud be dealt with immediately were treated. Some Medical patients were followed up. Patients needing surgery (including gynaecological and opthalmological patients) were operated on. The Surgery was undertaken in hospitals in India. This camp was very successful. It was hard work for the volunteers but all involved enjoyed it.

After the camp, some of the vounteers enjoyed activities in India according to their taste.

There was a visit to an Cricket match in the Indian League in Chandigarh.

Some members visited the Border with Pakistan and enjoyed the 'changing of the Guard".

Some members visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

There was a visit to the Taj Mehal. Photos of this can be found in the "Gallery" section.


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